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Estate planning benefits both you and your loved ones. Estate plans do more than govern how your property will be divided after your death. A comprehensive estate plan also includes powers of attorney and other documents you may need to plan for future incapacity. Estate planning puts major decisions about your future healthcare and financial well-being back in your hands. At the same time, estate planning allows you to provide for your loved ones after you are gone. There is no reason not to do it.

There is a peace of mind in knowing that all the legal documents you and your loved ones will need from the day you become incapacitated until your entire estate has been distributed are ready to go. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A., strives to provide our clients with strategic, comprehensive estate plans that are tailored to your individual needs and wants.

Wilton Manors Law Firm for Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration

If you are ready to protect your loved ones by making a will or trust, our attorneys are ready to help. We have the legal skills to create individualized estate plans that clearly express your wishes. Full probate administration, summary administration, and intestate probate administration all bring unique challenges that we are equipped to handle. Allow our firm to review your estate planning documents to ensure your documents are valid and properly reflect your intent.

Attorneys in Oakland Park for Trust Creation and Administration

The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. is experienced in both creating all forms of trusts and handling trust administration. Irrevocable trusts and revocable living trusts are the two of the most common types of trusts that are used in Florida. Our firm will examine your individual needs to determine what types of trusts might benefit you most. The uses of trusts are nearly limitless, so we can custom design a trust to meet your unique needs.

Testamentary trusts are trusts created in your will after you die and are sometimes favored over wills as the primary means of transferring wealth after death as a way of avoiding probate. If you are concerned about providing for a dependent, minor's trusts and special needs trusts provide a solution. Florida state law allows long-lasting dynasty trusts to protect family wealth from high tax burdens.

The team at the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. will discuss with you the varying types of trusts that apply to your situation so that we can create a highly customized plan for your estate.

Wilton Manors Lawyers for Powers of Attorney

With the population living longer and longer, an increasing number of people will experience incapacity at some point during their lives. Having your powers of attorney already prepared can reduce the stress on both you and your loved ones in this event. We will be thorough in making sure that your incapacity planning documents are complete and clear.

You can keep your healthcare decisions in your hands with a living will, or appoint a trusted person to make decisions for you as a healthcare surrogate. A durable power of attorney allows for a seamless transition in decision-making powers upon incapacity. At our firm, our goal is to help you ensure that your wishes will be respected.

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When you want peace of mind in knowing that your estate plan is complete and legally sound, trust the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. Our firm has the experience and knowledge needed to overcome any estate planning challenge you may face. We also provide services to assist fiduciaries. Contact us at 954-981-9301 for a free consultation. From our office in Fort Lauderdale, we serve clients throughout Broward County, including the communities of Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Lighthouse Point.

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