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A revocable living trust is one of the most flexible tools estate planners have at their disposal. The benefits of these trusts are numerous - avoiding probate, avoiding guardianship court, using assets to benefit loved ones after death, and the level of control offered are all major reasons more and more people are choosing trusts. Unlike irrevocable trusts, revocable living trusts allow flexibility in the future. You may keep making changes to these trusts right up until the end of your life.

When you are ready to start planning for your estate, the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A., P.C., is ready to help. Our firm believes in the importance of estate planning and will take the time to fully discuss all your options. A revocable living trust is an excellent part of most comprehensive estate plans. If one is right for you, we will custom create a trust uniquely designed to meet your specific needs.

Using Trusts to Avoid Probate and Guardianship Court

Probate courts are easily the most dreaded entity in the field of estate planning. It is well known that in Florida, the probate process can be prolonged, expensive, and filled with highly technical requirements. Property that is passed through a trust is not subject to probate. When you create a revocable living trust, you "fund" the trust by transferring ownership of your property to the trust, which is controlled by a trustee you appoint. Most people serve as their own trustee while they are alive and able, so you can retain control of your assets.

A successor trustee is also appointed when the trust is made. When the trustee dies, the successor trustee is able to quickly take control of the trust property. Should the grantor become incapacitated, the successor trustee can take over to manage the grantor's financial affairs without having to go to court for financial guardianship, making living trusts a useful way to plan for incapacity.

Guardianship court can also be avoided when testamentary gifts are made to minors and special needs adults through living trusts. Even if a living parent remains, Florida law forces a person to go to court for guardianship of funds left to minors or incapacitated adults. This is not required if a living trust is used to appoint a trustee.

The experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A., P.C. are skilled at creating trusts that allow for the seamless transition from grantor-trustee to successor-trustee with minimal legal complication.

Pompano Beach Lawyers for Living Trusts to Protect Assets Over Time

Using a revocable living trust to transfer assets after you are gone has numerous advantages. You will retain a high level of control over how your estate is distributed to your beneficiaries over time. Younger or less responsible beneficiaries can be protected by scheduling gradual payments over time. It is possible to arrange conditional distributions as well, so that your beneficiaries must meet your terms before they can receive their gift.

There is also what is called a "spendthrift clause," which protects trust assets from the beneficiaries' creditors by blocking beneficiaries from assigning their interest in the trust to any third party. Our attorneys will explain the series of ways you can use a trust to protect your beneficiaries' financial futures.

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We aim to create highly individualized comprehensive estate plans for our clients using a variety of estate planning tools, including revocable living trusts when they are right for the client. Contact us by calling 954-981-9301 for a free consultation. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A., P.C. serves clients in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, and throughout Broward County.

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