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Agreeing to become a fiduciary for someone else is not a choice to be made lightly. A fiduciary is required to take actions that are in the best interests of another person, even acting against their own self-interest if necessary to protect the other. Many people will serve as a fiduciary at some point in their lives, often for an elderly parent or child. Health care surrogates, trustees, powers of attorney, and executors are all fiduciaries. Essentially, anyone appointed to make decisions or manage money on behalf of someone else is a fiduciary.

When this responsibility has been placed on you, you may benefit from an attorney's assistance. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. advises fiduciaries with legal concerns about their duties and assists in managing the funds they are entrusted with. Our attorneys are qualified to aid fiduciaries of any type with managing their duties. We strive to give our fiduciary clients peace of mind knowing that their responsibilities are under the supervision of an attorney.

Oakland Park Attorneys for Professionally Guiding Trustees

Trustees take on a lot of responsibilities between managing the trust funds, making distributions, taking routine detailed accountings, and communicating with beneficiaries. In becoming a trustee, you effectively put your personal assets on the line, as you are liable for any mismanagement or wrongdoing, whether intentional or not. You are also bound by the terms of the trust, which can be complex. Working with an attorney can minimize your chances of any errors.

Our lawyers are also well-versed in managing specialized trusts, including minors' trusts, special needs trusts, and long-lasting Florida dynasty trusts. When charitable trusts are concerned, we also offer services to non-profits. No matter the size or purpose of the trust you are tasked with managing, the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. is prepared to step in.

Law Firm in Pompano Beach Assisting Personal Representatives

If someone chose you as a personal representative in their estate plan, or you were appointed as personal representative for an intestate estate, you may need a lawyer's help getting through probate. Even if you qualify for the streamlined version of summary administration and can avoid full probate, the Florida probate process is complicated. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about what is required from a personal representative during this time, and we can successfully guide you through every stage, from filing the will to the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Fiduciaries of Incapacitated Persons

Acting as a fiduciary, such as a health care surrogate or attorney-in-fact, for an incapacitated person is both a great kindness and a great responsibility. This type of fiduciary is completely bound by the terms set out by the principal in their power of attorney or designation of healthcare surrogate. You may be called upon to make a wide variety of financial, personal, and medical decisions on behalf of the incapacitated principal, and you are required to make them in the principal's best interests.

Navigating the landscape of choices you will face while staying within the bounds of authority given to you can be challenging. Making financial decisions as a fiduciary is not without difficulties, and having the assistance of legal counsel can be greatly helpful at times. Our lawyers are skilled in managing the responsibilities associated with serving as fiduciary for a person with a disability.

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If you are acting in a fiduciary capacity and would like the assistance of reliable and knowledgeable legal counsel, the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. is here for you. We are well-versed in the duties of all types of fiduciaries, and we can help you reduce your liability while fulfilling your duties. Contact our office at 954-981-9301 to set up a free consultation. We represent clients throughout South Florida in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

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