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Probate can feel daunting. It is true that full probate can be a legally complex process with specific steps that must be followed in the correct order. From taking a full accounting of the decedent's property to notifying interested parties, navigating probate can be a time-intensive commitment. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate and whether the will controls the entire estate, the process can take months or more.

Whether you are a personal representative serving as a fiduciary for a probate estate and need assistance carrying out your duties or a beneficiary seeking to claim your inheritance, the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. can help. We strive to streamline the process for our clients to the extent possible and to reduce the burden on you as you settle an estate.

South Florida Lawyers for Navigating the Probate Process

When the value of the property that must pass through probate is over $75,000 and not eligible for summary administration, formal probate must take place. When there is a will in place and intestate probate is not necessary, filing the will and a petition for administration with the probate court is typically the first step. From there, a personal representative is appointed and anyone who has an interest in the estate is notified.

This includes both those named in the will and those who would inherit through intestacy. Identifying all potential interested parties can be tricky, and may be best left to an attorney. Letters of administration must then be issued by the court. Our attorneys will help you use these letters to open an estate account and move assets into it for the purpose of settling the estate.

The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. will then identify creditors and other liabilities that must be paid. You may need the skill of an experienced attorney to handle the complexities of liquidating property if necessary and taking a final accounting. There may be liability associated if mistakes are made here - another reason it is best left to a qualified lawyer. As Florida law permits reasonable attorneys' fees to be paid directly from the estate, there is little reason to attempt full probate without counsel.

Attorneys in Oakland Park for Identifying Non-Probate Assets

The more assets our attorneys can keep out of probate, the lower the costs associated with estate administration may be. If the decedent held joint property or had transferred any assets into a trust during estate planning, those assets will not need to pass through probate. Certain business assets will be passed through stock assignments as set out in a succession plan.

Wilton Manors Lawyers Representing Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries

Being a fiduciary can be stressful. The legal requirements related to accounting and managing funds have the potential to be burdensome and time-consuming. Further, there is risk involved, as fiduciaries may be personally liable for mismanaged funds. Being assisted by an attorney can reduce your risk and alleviate worries.

The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. also offers services to beneficiaries. Our firm understands the stress and confusion surrounding probate and represents parties who have an interest in a probate estate.

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If you are faced with the challenge of probate administration, we can help. Our attorneys have the experience needed to overcome any obstacle that may arise. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. represents clients throughout Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, and Pompano Beach. Contact us at 954-981-9301 for a free consultation.

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