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The Florida probate process has the potential to be a prolonged, complex, and costly affair. There is a reason many seek to avoid it in estate planning by using trusts and other forms of non-probate transfer. Fortunately, in Florida, summary administration provides a way to settle smaller estates using a streamlined probate process. If the estate you are interested in is eligible, summary administration can save you time and money when handled correctly.

The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. knows how to move small estates through summary administration in an expedient fashion. Although easier than full probate, summary administration brings its own set of legal complexities and required steps. Our skilled attorneys will walk you through the entire process, from determining whether an estate qualifies to making the final distributions.

Determining Summary Administration Eligibility

In Florida, a probate estate can be settled through summary administration if its value does not exceed $75,000, or if the decedent has been dead for at least two years. This does not include the entire value of the estate - quite commonly, an estate will contain both probate and non-probate property. Non-probate property does not count towards the $75,000 cap. Often, summary administration is necessary only to transfer assets that did not make it into a trust for some reason. Business assets governed by a succession plan and passed through stock transfer are also excluded. A Florida homestead is also not counted.

Summary administration is an extremely useful tool for settling small estates, whether governed by a will or subject to intestate probate. If our lawyers determine that you are eligible, our next steps can save you considerable time and money.

Attorneys in Pompano Beach Guiding Small Estates Through the Summary Administration Process

The Florida summary administration process is much simpler than other types of probate. It begins when any beneficiary or a personal representative files a petition also signed by the decedent's surviving spouse, if there is one. The petition must demonstrate the eligibility of the estate for summary administration. Our attorneys are skilled in drafting these petitions after taking a detailed accounting of the estate property and determining which assets must pass through probate.

It is important that this petition be well-drafted. Certain requirements must be met for a summary administration petition to be accepted by the court. A list of the estate's assets and what they are worth, an accounting of any debts the estate is subject to, and an appropriate distribution plan that comports with the terms of the will or intestacy law must be included. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. has experience drafting successful petitions that offer eligible clients the best chances of receiving summary administration.

If the petition is accepted, the probate court will issue an order to distribute the estate assets. Beneficiaries collect their inheritance, and the estate is closed. The process is much less complex than full probate, allowing simple estates to pass in an uncomplicated fashion.

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If you are looking to settle a small Florida estate through the streamlined process of summary administration, the Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. can help. Our skilled attorneys will assess the estate you are interested in to determine your eligibility and file a well-written petition on your behalf. Contact us at 954-981-9301 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout South Florida in Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Pompano Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

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