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Trust administration can be an enormous responsibility. Managing funds that have been placed in a trust for another's benefit may be nerve-wracking. Trustees are fiduciaries, meaning that they are required to act strictly in the best interest of another, regardless of their own interests. The duties and liabilities associated with trust administration can be burdensome. A trust is a legally complex instrument, and its terms are typically binding on everyone involved, so they must be followed precisely.

Allowing a qualified estate planning attorney to handle trust administration offers numerous benefits. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. has the professional knowledge needed to successfully oversee the administration of even the most complex trusts. Our attorneys are well-versed in managing the distribution of trust funds to beneficiaries, who may also find assistance from counsel useful. When you need a reliable, professional trust administrator, our firm is prepared to take on the task.

Wilton Manors Attorneys for Administering Specialized Trusts

Certain types of trusts, such as minors' trusts and special needs trusts, may require particular attention from a skilled professional. Trusts set up for vulnerable people may require professional management, as distributions may be needs-based, and they may require careful accounting. Dynasty trusts are best administered professionally, as their long-lasting nature makes succession difficult if an individual trustee is appointed.

Our law firm is qualified to administer any type of specialized trust according to the terms of the trust document. We are skilled in protecting trust property for the benefit of named beneficiaries, and we will help you make the most of your trust.

Law Firm in Oakland Park for Guiding Trustees

In agreeing to become a trustee, individuals take on a lot of duties and a lot of liabilities. A trustee may be personally liable for mismanaged funds, as he is a fiduciary to the beneficiaries. It is wise for a fiduciary to seek legal counsel at the outset of his duties, as it may take a skilled attorney to accurately interpret the binding terms of a complex trust.

The burden of being a fiduciary is not to be taken lightly. Taking on a trusteeship can expose you to great personal liability if you fail to fulfill any of your duties. When an attorney provides guidance for the fiduciary, the risk of personal liability may be greatly reduced. The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. is experienced in offering legal assistance to fiduciaries seeking to mitigate their risk.

Pompano Beach Lawyers Fulfilling Trust Requirements

Unlike probate administration, the duties associated with trust administration can be endless, and they are sometimes highly complex. Periodically submitting detailed accountings, managing distributions, communicating with beneficiaries, and managing any investments of trust funds while complying with the terms of the trust can become challenging. Depending on the size of the estate and the complexity of the assets contained in it, this can be a serious undertaking.

By allowing our experienced attorneys to oversee the duties of administering a trust, trustees can rest assured that they have not missed any critical steps. We will meticulously ensure that each enumerated duty of the trustee is being carried out and that the trust assets are well-managed.

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The Law Office of Miller & Miller, P.A. can be relied on to oversee the administration of even the most complex trusts. Our attorneys are qualified to assist fiduciaries in carrying out their duties. Contact us at 954-981-9301 to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, and Pompano Beach.

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